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Front cover of Liz Koh's Your Money Personality book


Can you imagine what financial freedom feels like?
Buy the book - "Your Money Personality" - and learn how to achieve financial freedom!

Your Money Personality: Unlock the Secret to a Rich and Happy Life

by Liz Koh

The average person will earn more than two million dollars in their lifetime - yet most of us struggle to pay bills, have debt up to our eyeballs, and feel we are furiously pedalling on a financial treadmill without making much progress towards the life we really want to lead. What's gone wrong?

In this book, Liz Koh gives you all the information you need to create a plan for achieving all the things in life that are important to you. The book is essential reading for anyone starting out on the Moneymax Coach programme. It will help you change your life. It is based on the premise that the amount of wealth you create in your life is based not so much on how hard you work or how much money you start with, but primarily on your attitudes towards money and risk and how keen you are to “play the game”, or - in other words - exploit your "money personality" to fulfil your lifestyle dreams.

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