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Learn all about Your Money Personality, Goals, Money Management and Wealth Creation Strategies.

At each workshop you will receive a free copy of the relevant module of the Get Rich for Life workbook. Register for all four workshops and receive a complimentary copy of the Get Rich for Life book.

Your Money Personality

Your money personality is influenced by the things you have learned about money from other people, your experiences with money and the stage of life that you are at. Understanding your money personality is the key to understanding how to take control of your money and set your life free. In this workshop you will find out about the four money personality types, what your money personality type is, and how it relates to your ability to create wealth


How much wealth do you want to create? The answer to this will depend on your money personality and the purpose of money in your life. To find out how much wealth you need to achieve the things in life that you want, you first need to set some goals. In the long run, your life is the result of the choices you make and the goals you set and achieve. In this workshop you will learn how to set goals that are consistent with your purpose in life. These goals will determine every life decision you make where you live, how much you spend, what you do with your time and energy and how much money you will need when you retire.

Money Management

If you are not sure where your money goes, or if you and your partner often argue about money, this is the workshop for you. You will learn how to set up a simple money management system so that your money takes care of itself. By prioritising how you use your money, you will have money available for things in life that are important to you.

Wealth Creation Strategies

In this workshop you will explore the six strategies for wealth creation that will enable you to achieve your goals and live the life that you want.


Description WS # Price*
Your Money Personality WS-1 $100
Goals WS-2 $100
Money Management WS-3 $100
Wealth Creation Strategies WS-4 $100

* Register for all four workshops and receive a complimentary copy of the Get Rich for Life book.

Workshops are currently offered only in Paraparaumu (New Zealand) and are limited to a maximum of 12 people.


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