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Wealth Coaching


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Our wealth coaching services are aimed at those people who are serious about taking charge of their financial affairs and creating wealth over the next few years to enable them to achieve their mid-term and long-term lifestyle goals.

There are two ways to take advantage of our acclaimed Moneymax Coaching services:

1. Engage your own fully qualified Moneymax Personal Coach/ Mentor


2. Join the Online Moneymax Coaching Program

Key Benefits

Either way, as a registered user of Moneymax Coach you are entitled to

  • One copy of the book Your Money Personality
  • One copy of the Get Rich for Life workbooks
  • Online access to exclusive website calculators and planning tools
  • A 20% discount on all Moneymax Coach Workshops
  • A free subscription to the Moneymax Coach newsletter

Registration for the Online Moneymax Coach program is NZ$1500 for the first year and $750 for subsequent years.

These workbook modules contain all the tools you need to develop your plan, showing you in detail how to calculate the amount of wealth you will need to have to live the life you want and how you will create it. There are four modules:

Module One - Your Money Personality, Guiding Principles and Current Situation

Your money personality is influenced by the things you have learned about money from other people, your experiences with money and the stage of life that you are at. Understanding your money personality is the key to understanding how to take control of your money and set your life free.

Module Two - Goals

How much wealth do you want to create? The answer to this will depend on your money personality and the purpose of money in your life. To find out how much wealth you need to achieve the things in life that you want, you first need to set some goals. In the long run, your life is the result of the choices you make and the goals you set and achieve. Your goals will determine every life decision you make where you live, how much you spend, what you do with your time and energy and how much money you will need when you retire.

Module Three - Money Management

If you are not sure where your money goes, or if you and your partner often argue about money, you need a money management system. This module will show you how to set up a simple money management system so that your money takes care of itself. By prioritising how you use your money, you will have money available for things in life that are important to you.

Module Four - Wealth Creation Strategies

In this module you will explore the six strategies for wealth creation that will enable you to achieve your goals and live the life that you want.

Subscribe to the Moneymax Coach online newsletter! This quarterly must-have publication is full of savvy investment and money management advice from experts who really know what is happening out there!

They'll keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and economic forecasts - and provide handy hints and tips to keep your investment portfolio safe and your savings program thriving.

These powerful interactive online calculators allow you to analyse your current financial situation, experiment with various alternative scenarios and strategies and help you to predict the future value of your investments and net worth. With these tools you can confidently plan for your retirement, and calculate the savings and investment returns required to achieve your lifestyle requirements and long-term financial goals.

The workbook, newsletter and calculators are available online to all registered users of the Moneymax Coach Program.

This is our Premium Coaching Service, entitling you to personal consultations with your own highly qualified Moneymax Coach and ongoing email support as required. Registration for the Moneymax Personal Coach program is NZ$3000 for the first year and $750 for subsequent years.

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